Women's Crop

Women's crop models are cut from the waist down; It is a women's clothing product that leaves a decollete in the belly area. The top in the name of this piece of clothing, which can also be called a crop top, means top in English.

The clothing model in question describes the type of cut rather than a type of dress. According to the fashion literature abroad, this word is a general name describing all top clothing products that are shortened from the bottom.

In our country, crop top models are a clothing product that is frequently preferred and helps the body lines to stand out. Women's short clothing models, which have been preferred by many women since the early 1900s, continue to be worn very popularly despite the passing century.

In addition, the clothing models in question do not only differ according to the length of the cut. Many factors such as arm length, fabric type and cut type used in product models; This causes the product palettes to become much wider. In our country, balloon sleeves and open shoulder models are mostly preferred. As for the collar, we can say that Madonna collar and crew neck clothing models are quite remarkable. If you are looking for summer crop models, you should definitely look at these models.

How to Combine Women's Crop Models?

One of the most important reasons why women's cropped models are so popular is that they can be easily combined. Thanks to these clothing pieces, which are in harmony with almost every type of clothing, you can look very stylish, regardless of summer or winter. Do you know what you should pay attention to when combining the clothing models of this product? We can help you with this.

First of all, you should make sure that your clothes are balanced. The clothes you wear should look like they are pulling each other instead of pushing each other. If we need to give an example, strapped crop models will complement each other quite well with skinny fit jeans. In addition, choosing a strapped crop and shorts allows you to make ideal combinations for the summer months.

You can also choose long-sleeved crop models in winter seasons. Thanks to these product models, while keeping your arms warm; You may not be left behind to give decollete in the waist area. You will have many alternatives when combining long-sleeved product models, also known as winter products. Again, we can help you with a simple combination suggestion. We think that long sleeve models will usually look very nice with a women's cardigan or a women's jacket.

Black cropped blouse models are also a top clothing model preferred by young people, especially today. You can combine black women's crop models with a high-waist and high-quality women's leggings model that you can buy from modaceçiler.com. If you have a desire to animate the product model you will wear with lower clothing products, you can see it in the relevant category of our site; You can complete your combination with zebra or leather colt models.

It is very easy to combine single color crop models such as black crop, white crop, blue crop. If you prefer a lacy crop, if you wear jeans and heels under it, you will be both stylish and make an easy combination. If you prefer a crop with thin straps or a crop with thick straps, you can wear skirts or tights.

There are long crop models as well as half crop models. Long crop models cover the belly button and leave the waist open.

You can find different crop models such as low-back crop, low-cut crop, waist-tie crop, low shoulder crop, v-neck crop. These crop models are quite assertive. Models such as leather crop, corset crop top, narrow crop are assertive pieces in crops that will highlight your body lines.

If you are looking for a winter crop, you should choose a long sleeve crop top.

Which fabric is used in women's crop models and what are the fabric properties?

When producing women's clothing, one of the most important factors determining the quality and purpose of use is the fabric used. The fabric used will directly inform us about the quality of the product. If we need to open this event even more for you, we can talk about the most preferred fabric models in women's clothing products.

Natural Fabric Models

Natural fabric models consist of fabrics whose raw materials are taken from nature. Generally, clothing models made of these fabrics both keep warm and attract attention with their quality stances. As examples of natural fabrics, we can give cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics. The disadvantage of these fabrics is that they are very delicate. Especially silk fabrics can be affected by even the slightest water stain.

Synthetic Fabric Models

Synthetic fabric models, which are generally produced with machines in the factory environment, are cheaper and more durable products. The raw material of these fabric types is certain. However, they are generally harmful to health. Since health is in question, you should pay attention to shopping from a quality brand even when choosing clothing made of durable synthetic fabric.

If you are wondering which synthetic fabric models are, as an example for you; We can give examples of fabric models such as acrylic fabric, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, lycra fabric. Finally, we can share with you that artificial fabrics (Viscose, rayon and acetate etc.) are also frequently preferred.

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