Combination Suggestions For Elegant Dinners

Combination Suggestions For Elegant Dinners

Combination Suggestions For Elegant Dinners

    As women, we all love romantic dinners. Getting dressed and spending time with ourselves and having a good time with the person we love is priceless for us. But, as in every important moment, we are in a rush of combinations at this moment. In order to reduce this hassle a bit, we have prepared this content with romantic dinner combination suggestions for you. Should we wear a dress to a romantic dinner or a stylish suit? Let's take a look at our content where you will find answers to these questions!


When To Have Romantic Dinners?

    The best time for a romantic dinner is usually after sunset. Thus, the romanticism of the view and the atmosphere combines with the food, providing a more enjoyable experience. However, when to go out for a romantic dinner can depend on factors such as personal preferences and the venue's opening hours. For example, if a restaurant has a special menu especially for dinner, it may be preferable to go during the working hours of that place. In addition, if a romantic dinner is planned on special occasions (birthday, anniversary, etc.), a time can be determined according to personal preferences and the suitability of the plans.

Stylish Dinner Venues

    There are many elegant dinner places in Turkey and there are places that offer different tastes in every region. Here are some stylish dinner spots in Turkey:

1. Ulus 29 (Istanbul): This place, which offers great food with a view of the Bosphorus, is among the most famous restaurants in Istanbul.

2. Mikla (Istanbul): Mikla is a modern restaurant that blends Turkish and Scandinavian cuisines. It has one of the best views and draws attention with its flavors.

3. Deraliye Ottoman Palace (Istanbul): Known for its modern interpretations of Ottoman palace dishes, Deraliye Ottoman Palace is among the favorite places of Istanbul with its historical atmosphere and delicious food.

4. Sunset (Antalya): Sunset, which offers great food in Antalya with the Mediterranean view, draws attention with its famous chefs and quality service.

5. Zuma (Istanbul): Zuma is a restaurant famous for its modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine. It has two branches in Istanbul and is among the best restaurants in Turkey with the flavors it offers.

6. Bodrum Balıkçısı (Bodrum): Bodrum Balıkçısı is a restaurant that offers delicious seafood accompanied by a magnificent view of Bodrum.

7. Paloma Restaurant (Cesme): Paloma Restaurant is a great place that offers the best examples of Aegean cuisine.


    These are just a few examples and there are many stylish dinner venues in Turkey. The venues may differ with the tastes, atmosphere and services of the region.

Dress Suggestions for a Stylish Dinner

    When you go to a stylish dinner, dressing appropriately, making dinner combinations will help you feel special and enjoy the evening. Here are the dinner combination suggestions with your lover:

1. Long Dress: A long dress is the perfect choice for an elegant dinner. Midi-length dress A dress made of luxurious fabrics such as lace, satin or silk provides a chic and elegant look.

2. Dress with Tails: Dresses with tails are a great option, especially for a special event. These dresses provide a formal look and present an elegant and sophisticated look.

3. Pantsuit: A pantsuit is a great choice for a modern and stylish look. A black or navy suit makes for a formal look. You can complete the suit with an elegant blouse or shirt.

4. Short Dress: A mini dress is a great choice for adding a warmer vibe if the event is a little more casual. You can prefer it especially in summer.

5. Skirt and Blouse: For an elegant dinner, you can wear midi-length skirts or a matching blouse with pleated skirts. Among the fabrics, more luxurious fabrics such as satin, silk and velvet stand out.

6. Accessories: Accessories such as jewelry and shoes are also important for a stylish dinner. Accessories such as eye-catching earrings, a thin necklace, a bracelet or a twisted shawl can help complete your look.


    In summary, for an elegant dinner with an appropriate style of dressing, take care to choose your outfit according to your personal style and the level of the event.

Shoe Suggestions for a Stylish Dinner

    Choosing the right shoes for a stylish dinner is an integral part of your outfit. Your shoes should complement your elegance, but should also be comfortable. Here are shoes suggestions for a stylish dinner:

1. Stiletto: Stiletto heels are a classic choice for a classy dinner. You can choose black or nude colors. Stilettos go great with long dresses or trouser suits.

2. Sandals: Sandals are a great option for a stylish dinner, especially in the summer. Sandals with ankle straps, stiletto heels and a luxury material such as suede or leather go well with dresses or skirts.

3. Flats: If you do not want to wear high heels, flats are also a suitable choice for an elegant dinner. You can combine it with dresses or trouser suits with models made of leather or suede, with stones or pearls.

4. Mary Jane: Mary Jane shoes can be a great option for an elegant dinner. You can choose models with or without heels, black or nude colors. You can combine these shoes with short dresses or skirts.

5. Shoes with Pearls: Shoes with pearls are an elegant choice for a classy dinner. You can choose stiletto or ballet flats models. Pearls pair well with shoes in black or nude colors.

6. Wedge-Heeled Shoes: Wedge-heeled shoes are a comfortable and stylish choice for an elegant dinner. You can combine black or nude wedge heels with trouser suits or skirts.


    In summary, suitable shoes for an elegant dinner should provide a comfortable and stylish look. You can make your choice according to your outfit and personal style.

Makeup Tips for a Stylish Dinner

    Make-up for a stylish dinner, when done with the right techniques and products, will emphasize your beauty and complete your elegance. Here are makeup tips for a stylish dinner:

1. Flawless Skin: When applying makeup for dinner, it is important that your skin looks smooth and flawless. You can make your skin look flawless and natural by using a light foundation or products such as BB cream, concealer, powder and illuminator.

2. Eye Makeup: For a stylish dinner, you should take care of your eye makeup. You can increase the permanence of the eyeshadow by applying a base on your eyelids. You can deepen your eyes with eye shadows in dark tones. You can also use eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes even more.

3. Lip Makeup: To define your lips, you can choose red or burgundy lipsticks. You can also use lip liner to make your lips look plump and smooth.

4. Contour: For a stylish dinner, the contour will make your facial features more prominent and provide depth on your face. By using the right colors and techniques while contouring, you can create the desired effect on your face.

5. Illuminator: The illuminator will provide a radiant look on your face. You can brighten your face by applying it to the top of your cheek, the bridge of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes.


    In summary, make-up for an elegant dinner can be done by using a base that makes your skin look smooth and natural, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara that emphasizes your eyes, a lipstick that defines your lips, contours and illuminators. In addition, you can complete your elegance by making a make-up suitable for the outfit and style you choose.

Hairstyle Suggestions for a Stylish Dinner

    For a stylish dinner, the hairstyle should be chosen in accordance with your outfit and make-up. Here are some hairstyle suggestions for a stylish dinner:

1. Bun: The bun is an ideal hairstyle for an elegant dinner. You can complete your elegance by making a tight bun or a messy bun. You can make the bun even more elegant by pulling tufts from the sides.

2. Hair Accessories: Hair accessories are a great option to complement your hairstyle for an elegant dinner. Accessories such as hairpins, crowns and headbands will enhance your elegance by decorating your hair.

3. Waves: Big waves or curly hair are a great option for a classy dinner. This hairstyle will soften your facial features and give you a stylish look.

4. Half Bun: The half bun is a light and casual hairstyle for a classy dinner. By collecting half of your hair, you can get a stylish look by letting your hair fall out.

5. Braid: Braid is a great hairstyle for a classy dinner. You can increase your elegance by decorating your hair with different braiding styles such as French braid or Dutch braid.


    In summary, the hairstyle for a stylish dinner should be chosen in accordance with your outfit and style. You can complete your elegance with different hairstyles such as bun, hair accessories, waves, half bun and braid.


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May 18, 2023
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