Emerson Sweatshirt 23K000150 (23K000150)

Price : $24.67
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Emerson Sweatshirt 23K000150 Emerson Sweatshirt 23K000150

It is the small size on the model. Model's height is 171, weight 50.



*It is hooded.

*Kangaroo pocket is available.

*68% cotton, 32% polyester fabric.

*Polyester fabric is bright, flexible and durable. It has a soft, silky texture. It won't wrinkle easily, no need for ironing. 

*Linen fabric is a natural fabric having touches fibers from the cotton plant. It is soft and lightweight, so it is suitable for any season. It's very durable and robust.



S 144 128 - 73
M 148 132 - 73
L 152 136 - 73
XL 156 140 - 73


*It can play 2-3 cm between body sizes.

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