Welcome to Moda Celikler Family!




Moda Çelikler family is a business that dreams and targets, depending on the 3rd generation business career. With the design style and superior production quality of our products, as one of the rare companies that put their feet on the ground in the product, as a solid ready-to-wear place in the country and abroad. 


Our aim is to increase the place it has acquired in domestic and foreign markets with its own brand by creating a sense of fashion in the field of ready-made clothing. It has become a sought-after brand by combining its unique fashion sense, following world fashion closely and years of experience with customer satisfaction. Our company, which shows the necessary attention and care in sales, as in the production quality, has achieved the necessary dynamism with the information systems and energy required by the era in production and marketing, and will continue to move forward with firm steps on this path. 



The target audience of our products are young people who follow fashion, prefer high quality, catch the trend, and all women who feel young.