Jadyn Skirt 23K000214 (23K000214)

Price : $16.67
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Jadyn Skirt 23K000214 Jadyn Skirt 23K000214 High Waist Satin Jadyn Women Black Midi Length Skirt 23K000214

It is the small size on the model. The height of the model is 176 and it weighs 57 kg.



*The waist is elastic.

*Unlined. 70% polyester, 30% cotton.

* Satin fabric. Zebra pattern is available.

* Satin fabric is a smooth, soft, textured, high-gloss and elegant fabric, and the most preferred fabric in the summer months. It's always cool because of its slim feel.



S - 70 - 81
M - 74 - 81
L - 78 - 81



*It can play 2-3 cm between body sizes.

Hızlı Teslimat
Güvenli Alışveriş
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